How do I edit the default "Invalid Answer" alert?

Hi guys:

I'm creating an "I acknowledge", 2-slide Storyline "module" that users will take after having participated in some on-the-job training.  I created it by using a yes/no quiz, and removing the "no" option (so it only leaves one option, "Acknowledged"). 

If a user does not select the "Acknowledged" radio-button and tries to click "Submit", they see the "invalid answer" alert which says:  "Invalid Answer.  You must complete the question before submitting".

It's not a layer, so I can't find where / how to edit that pop-up. I'd like to slightly modify the wording to remove the "answer" text and change the verbiage to something like "you must acknowledge before continuing" or something like that.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Gustaf Sylvin


Jeanette says in the screenr that it is possible to change the color of the pop up and pop up button if you don't want to completely redo the Invalid Answer feedback. Where can I do that? I thought that could be done in the feedback master but there is no Invalid Answer template there.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Gustaf,

You're correct. There is  no invald answer layer. Many of us have requested that one be added in the next release of SL.

In the meantime, you can create your own Invalid answer layer, which is what Jeanette described in one of her Screenrs. I followed along with it at one point and inserted notes to myself in the very basic .story I'd created. I'm attaching the story here. Please refer to the notes on Slide1 (which still has the default pop-up) and Slide 2 (which has the customized pop-up).

Please shout out with any questions (especially since my notes, which make perfect sense to me, may not make sense to you!)

Gustaf Sylvin

Hi Phil.

Any idea how to make sure that happens? I mean the idea with the Invalid pop up is the make the user aware of that they have not selected or dropped any item. So if I for any reason "don't care" whether or not they have made any choice at all, how can I fool the system with a selected/dropped item function?

Is there any variable connected to the invalid pop up that you can use to control what happens on the slide?



Phil Mayor

The simple way is to add a condition that none of the radio or check boxes are selected this will trap it for those answers

For the drag and drop the off screen radio box will work, or you can set a condition bsed on states.

You cannot trap the matching drag and drop, the sequence drag and drop or the drop down question types