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Judy Nollet

As far as I know, that's not possible -- though it would be a fantastic feature!

If it's a set of shapes that are basically the same, it's best to create one shape, adjust its states, and then make copies. You can always change a given shape later. But if you've already created a bunch of different states, you'll have to adjust their states separately.

Diarmaid Collins

A very useful feature I just found out about recently (with regards to what Phil mentions) is that if you double click on the Format Painter icon you can then click on any shape (even on other slides) to apply the new state stylings.

Exceedingly useful if a client changes their mind on, say, the colour of the down state of a button that is used everywhere in a module!

It doesn't change them all at the same time, but at least you don't have to click on the Format Painter icon after each 'reformat' like I had been doing for over a year... :(