How do I make a sound for a button execute before the next slide appears.

I've actually asked this question before. What I want is to press a button and have it make a sound, like a click, and then for it to trigger the next slide. I have been told many times that by ordering the sound trigger before the switch trigger, this problem would be taken care of. This, however, does not work despite the fact that being able to do things like this is more or less the point of having trigger orders.

I have attached a sample of two slides below. Despite the order of the triggers, the sound does not fire before the slide switches.

Eventually I solved this problem by having the button trigger the media *click sound) and then having the completion of the media trigger the slide switch. For reasons that are too complicated to get into, this is no longer a great option. And besides, I am noticing lots of problems with trigger order more generally so i'd like to solve this simple problem. Once I solve it, it might help with bigger issues that I am having.


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