How do I save data and export it in Articulate Storyline 2?

Aug 15, 2019

Hi to everybody. I wonder if someone could give me an answer to 2 questions below:

1-Can I link result slide with databases such as excel to save marks of students?

2-Can I export result slide data as a web page (Html) to open it in any time I need? If the answer is yes, How?

I use Articulate Storyline 2.


Thanks for your cooperation.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fatima,

Brian shared a great link to get you started, as reporting to a database such as Excel isn't built into Storyline.

We can report data to a  Learning Management System (LMS) to help you track the learners' access and responses to a course. Using a results slide and publishing for LMS is what would track that data and send the results to your LMS for reporting. 

Let us know if you need anything else! 

Fatima Ali

Thanks a lot for your advice, Brian. I'm gonna take a look and try to do it. Actually, I've published my project as a CD. I thought I'll find out some way to export data. It was a bad choice for me to publish as a CD. Can I export result slide data from an exe file? For example, when I click on the print button on the result slide, I can see all data like marks, questions, and answers on a webpage. Is there any way to save this data?

Fatima Ali

Hi, Ashley. I'm glad to read your reply. I've gotten your point. As I replied to Brian I hope to find some way to save a webpage which is opened by clicking the print button on result slide. After I've saved it as an Html file, I opened it. But it always was empty. I don't know why?
I really appreciate your kindness and cooperation. :)


Brian Allen

Fatima, unfortunately I don't know much about CD publishing and EXE files. I also can't think of any way you might be able to export data from the print results page.

Additionally, because your data will be played back locally, via CD, I would think you may run into firewall issues if you tried to send data to the cloud.

Fatima Ali

Hi, Brian.

Yes, you're right about firewall issues. I've tried to find out any way to save data from EXE file before, but I couldn't get what I need. That's why I posted my question here. well, I think there isn't a way to solve this issue. I'll try to export data by publishing my project for LMS. 

I'm highly grateful for your attention and cooperation, Brian. :)

kind regards

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