How do you get software simulation to fill the entire screen?

May 29, 2014

I recorded in full window view and am using a large story size, yet the software screen is barely legible.  If I just record key areas of the screen, the user will miss out on know where on the actual screen they are (left, right, top, bottom).

What have others done to be able to show an entire window of a software but have it legible?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Linda!

Personally, I prefer to record my screen before creating my project file. This will usually adjust the Story Size to fit the recording. 

To do this, launch Storyline and select "Record Screen" from the launch screen. Record a test video, instead of the full simulation, and see how the size adjusts when you save the video to a new file.

Keep in mind that your project won't really scale the same way during preview, as well. Make sure you're publishing and uploading to a server to test, especially if you're using browser size adjustments in your course.

I'm sure others will share some input as well, just wanted to share my suggestions.

Have a great day and best of luck with the project!


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