How does Story view work?

Apr 20, 2020

Can someone help me understand the logic of Story View in Storyline 360? 

I don't understand the purpose of Scenes.  At first glance they appear to be similar to sections of a course (i.e. You'd have 4 scenes for a course with 4 sections).  But that does not appear to be the case.  My confusion is stemming from issues such as linking/triggering a slide in one scent to the slide in another.  When I do this, it moves the scene to below the other scene.  For example, if I have scenes 1, 2, 3 & 4 and they are not linked, then they appear left to right.  but if I link slide in Scene 1 to a slide in scene 2, then scene to moves to below scene 1.  

This doesn't seem intuitive to me, so I am hoping to find a resource that explains the logic of story view (as opposed to just the explanation of the features).

Any help is appreciated, thanks!  

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Steve Hazelton

Side by side scenes are not linked. If you play the entire course, the course will end at the end of the first scene because there is nothing to tell Storyline to keep going to another scene. If I am revising an old course, I often have an unlinked Parking Lot scene where I park a copy of the old slide until the course is done. I don't have to delete the scene before publishing - because it is unlinked, it doesn't show up in the course.

The Story View is really handy when you start branching courses, which is one of the great features of Storyline.  You can branch slides within a scene, or branch scenes. I have built some crazy branched courses. For example, I have a course that has well over a hundred slides but the end user only sees about a dozen slides, all customized to them based on the choices they make. The ONLY way to make sense of how it is built is in Story View.

It will also be valuable when you accidentally break a link (such as when deleting a slide that had been specifically referenced). You will suddenly see slides floating around at the top right of a scene. If you didn't have Story View, you'd never know where they went.

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