How much is too much to show on a slide?

Good Morning! I am new to the e learning field and I am working on an on-boarding project for my company. I was wondering if this slide is too much in giving the learners a glance on the courses as well as hovering to see the description to let the learner know why these courses are important within Articulate Storyline. Not sure how I can break it out in a better way. Any advice, I'd greatly appreciate!




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Jerry Beaucaire

You already see the problem with information overload.   If the goal is to give access to this much content on ONE screen, you've accomplished that.  So it's only a problem if this much info in one place isn't actually a requirement.  You need to decide that.

Some quick things:

  • It's not clear what the colors on the left indicate.
  • It's not clear you can hover over the center items for more info, I found that accidentally.
  • The entire right section could be replaced with a single column where you indicate the week # or month #, basically your headers but in a single column

Almost any other design will lose your "chart" effectiveness, but at the same time the user may be much less stressed by giving up on the chart.


Since you asked, I would probably present each course, one at a time in a carousel letting them click through them at their leisure.   You can include a key graphic from the existing courses.  The "hover" text could instead be presented onscreen in a straight text style.   Technically, a carousel requires the same amount of work for your viewer, one click per course on a big button instead of a tiny hover event.  So it's worth considering.

 But, you do call the slide "At a glance", and my suggestion is not in that style.  After the carousel, you can maybe end on that "at a glance" slide, that way when they see it for the first time they will have already reviewed the information so it will all feel less daunting.

Jerry Beaucaire

Final thought, I know this is one slide out of many in an Onboarding presentation.  Those kinds of courses are by definition an information overload, it's a first quick presentation of a lot of info knowing that they will get more surgical with each of these topics in the weeks to come.

I'm saying that based on all the other content, this may be unavoidable.  Any attempt to make it more fun and enjoyable may make it longer ('may') and onboarding presentation are already long, so who wants it to be longer?

So, context in the overall course may inform this decision on style, as well.   What do you think?

Phil Mayor

I like Jerry's ideas.

If you can use a voice over you could use the table and build in line with the v/o

Something like:

During our on boarding process you will be required to complete a number of courses, these are different dependent on your role and will need to be completed within a specific time period.

I would rebuild the table as a stylised version and animate in the required courses first, the roles on the left next followed by the weeks on the right.

You could reduce the required courses by adding markers or smoother method of more information.

dave faldasz

Jerry's Carousal idea rocks! I might also consider trying a scrolling panel (probably have to drag/drop one at a time into it to build it). That way you could use larger text for easier read and extend your screen "real estate". Downside is they don't have the total overview that they have now. Maybe add a mini highlighted "Legend" so they still use the scrolling panel but they can see the little roadmap legend to get a perspective on where they are on the list. You could also subgroup it by Interns, Hourly, FT/PT, Canadians - they click a button and only see what concerns them. This will be fun to see what you ultimately create.