How to add audio to a button that only appears after certain conditions have been met.

Hi there,

Here's what I'm trying to do - I have a menu screen where a number of buttons come up, each linking to a different part of my lesson. When the user finishes with each section, they go back to the menu screen to select another. Once they have visited all of the sections, a new button appears, leading them to a new part of the lesson that was previously inaccessible.

I've been able to do all of this, but I also want to have audio play at the same time as this new button appears, and I can't seem to get that. Is it possible to have an audio clip play at the same time as this button?

So far, I've tried the trigger "Play media when state of button (that's the new button that shows up at the end) is normal", and I've tried "Play media when the state of button 1, 2, 3, etc. is visited".

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? 

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Jon Merifield

I've tried that, and everything works perfectly except that now what's happening is that the audio that should play when the button pops up actually plays as soon as the slide loads up. None of the graphics even come on the screen - just that audio.

Then, when that finishes playing, the slide starts off as it should. All of the graphics and text boxes appear, the button pops up when all of the text boxes are visited, and the audio also comes up with the button. If I could just stop the audio from playing at the very beginning of the slide, it would be perfect. I tried "stop media audio2 when timeline starts", but that doesn't do anything.

Here's a copy of it if you'd like to see it.

Walt Hamilton


Try this:

Delete this trigger


And this trigger:


Add these three new triggers:

Notice on the second one, you must write a condition for each individual box that must be visited.

I understand the siren call of using "When state of...", and just going down the list and checking a bunch of boxes, as compared to the work of writing all these conditions. Sounds great in theory, but in practice, how did that work for you?  In reality, "State of..." should not show up in the "When" portion of the trigger wizard, because ... well, you know the odds of it working.

Personally, when I do this sort of thing, I prefer to set a variable at the conclusion of the other scene. On the menu, I use that variable to change the sending object to a custom (usually "Completed") state. If there are too many slides, or branching in the distant scene, sometimes the "Visited" state in unreliable. But that's just my personal preference, and your mileage may vary.

Also note that in slide 1.4, only one of the "it's" is identified as a main verb.