How to change audio on a slide

I am working on a course where the first slide has 6 different topics to click. Once they have completed each topic, they return to this slide to choose another topic. Five of the topics are required with one of them being optional.

There is introductory audio playing the first time, and then following the instructions from this thread from 4 years ago, I was able to change the audio the subsequent times. However, I wanted some closing audio on this slide once the learner completed the five required topics (I have variables with state changes set up so when a topic is completed and the learner returns to the first slide, there is a checkmark on that topic).

Any suggestions on how to set up a variable and trigger (and what order to place it in) so the closing audio will play?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, RuthAnne!  What was your variable setup for the other required topics and their respective audio?  Could you create a similar setup for the closing audio?

If you'd like to share what you've got so far, I'm sure the community would love to swoop in and have a look!  You can add your .story file as an attachment.

RuthAnne Darr

Hi Crystal.

The audio that I am trying to play/change is on the first slide where the “rectangles” are for each topic. There is no audio on the base layer of that slide. The Start layer has the longer introductory audio, the Continue layer has the shorter “click another topic” audio, and the End layer has the closing audio. The End layer is the one that is not playing.

I have attached screenshots of the triggers for the first slide and each of the “rectangles” (topics) and a list of variables. Everything works as expected except the “Show layer End.” At first I just had “Show layer End” when the state of the five required topics are Completed, but that did not work, so I added the MenuVisited part, just in case. Again, though, it did not work.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi RuthAnne,

I'm not completely sure I'm following along without seeing your .story file.

I took a look at the images you shared, and the first thing that stood out was:

You would want that happening prior to the triggers that were looking for that trigger, right? I'd move that one up.

If you'd like us to take a look at your .story file to take a look at the big picture, please attach and we'd be happy to help you out.