How to change/remove color of border and corners of imported Storyline 360 Block from template

Aug 14, 2018

I am bringing in pre-built interactions from Storyline to Rise.  I can't seem to get every color from the player changed when adding as a Storyline Block into Rise.  I did look at the Player colors from here:

and I believe I changed them all.  Any thoughts on how to remove the white corners and the white box around the Storyline Block?  Thanks.

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Jeff Forrer

Thank you, that helps.  I was holding off on updating 360 so did not have the Modern Player option, so that was my fault I didn't have the latest to work from :0)   However now that I used that Modern Player, a few questions:

Can you update the Light/Dark options color, or is it black and white?  I ask as you can see with attached image, using the block from Storyline, i still have a border and on the right here, you can see a bevel or white drop shadow on the right line, anyway to remove that?  I know in the Dog Basics example, that white bevel did not exist.  I know I can change the background in Rise to match the lighter black that comes from SL, but just curious if:

1) You can change that Black default border color once you go Modern with options Off and

2) If the white line (drop shadow) can be removed on the right?

Thanks again!  It helps with this new player that I don't have to manually change the background colors of all the advanced settings as I did before :0)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeff,

Glad you're up and running using the new modern player! One of the big updates was changes to colors so that you didn't have to worry about all the options in advance settings, so the team paired it down to a Light vs. Dark background and an accent color. 

We know some folks need a few more options, so we're looking into other enhancements to add. 

As for the border you're seeing, that's also something our team is looking into. Can you tell me what browser(s) you're seeing that in? That'll be helpful info! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeff,

Quick note here, to let you know Storyline 360, build 3.31.19951.0 is available today!

It includes a fix for the issue where white lines or borders could appear around slides in published content.

Updating to the latest version is free and easy for Articulate 360 users following the steps outlined here.  If you run into any trouble, let us know here in the E-Learning Heroes Community or message our Support Team. We're here to help! 🌟 

Becca Levan

Hey there, Jeff!

I'm excited to share some news with you! 🗞

Storyline 360 Update 54 was released today, and it introduces several features and bug fixes! Here's the item you'll be interested in:

New: Brand your courses by choosing a custom background color for the modern player.

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for each application—details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions or reach out to our Support Engineers directly!

Becca Levan

Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Alex! ⭐️

Lightboxes have a fixed size, placement, and appearance, so if you're looking to customize something, an alternative is to build your own using layers.

Check out this article for ideas: