How to create click and display?

Nov 07, 2012

Dear Hero's,

Kindly help me on this to clear my doubt.

How to create and click and display popup with audio. Is there is any variable need to be add.

Screen should be like this:

Button_01 --------------------- Display pop-up_01(With audio and close button)

Button_02 --------------------- Display pop-up_02(With audio and close button)

Button_03 --------------------- Display pop-up_03(With audio and close button)

Button_04 --------------------- Display pop-up_04(With audio and close button)

Button_05 --------------------- Display pop-up_05(With audio and close button)

Actually, i did this same screen in articulate engage by used, 5 different popup screen separately and used hyperlink option for the button screen. 

In captivate, i used variable, like -  This image should be appear when the button one click, other image will be in hide.

Finally, i have this doubt when i am trying this articulate storyline. Which one i have to follow? If anyone have a clear ideas or explaination. Please share to me..



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Mel Ruth

Hi Palani,

Will you have any images on the "Pop-up" screens or will it just be audio and a close button?  (I am assuming there will be something visual or else you likely wouldn't need the button to close).  I would do this using different layers that are set to hide the Base layer when showing and you may even be able to use the "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes" checkbox to make your "Close" button unnecessary (to access the "Slide Layer Properties" options, click on the little white 'gear'-image at the right side of each layer in the "Slide Layers"  panel).

Create a trigger for each of your buttons that is set to show a different layer when clicked ("pop-up_01", "pop-up_02", etc.), then insert your audio and a "Close" button on each layer (or use the "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes" option I mentioned above).  Let me know if you need further explanation of this or an example.

You shouldn't need to add in any variables or hyperlinks from what I am understanding of your intention.

Best of luck!

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