How to delete mystery countdown/ timer in player?

I've picked up a Storyline course that has been sitting for a while.  When I preview the player there's a countdown/timer at the top, per the attached image.  I cannot figure out how to delete it.  I even went so far to change the colors of timer text to the purple background but it still displays.  This course has no results slides, no questions, no variables.  There's nothing in the slide master.  I am stumped, though it's probably something dumb :)  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Lisa Ferris

Thanks very much - have edited my message  and am attaching a zipped file.  Since I contacted you I did add a question - but the timer existed way before I did that.  I notice that it is a 10 second timer so it might be related to a quiz timer.  Thanks for your help!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lisa, 

Thanks for sharing the file here with us. I saw the same thing when I opened up your file, and nothing that would indicate where it was coming from - although it looks different than the normal Storyline timer you'll see in the link Michael shared. Did you possibly import in a Quizmaker quiz or slides from Presenter?

I took your file and imported it into a new .story file and the timer element was no longer there, so I'd recommend doing that on your end to ensure it's removed.