How to disable Launch Button/screen on Storyline 2

Oct 17, 2015

Hi all..I am using Articulate Storyline 2 and when I publish the course on Moodle, I first see a screen with a launch button and another screen just pop ups to load the course contents. Is there a way to disable the screen with launch button on Storyline. My client would like to just see the course load directly without the launch screen. And I am seeing this on my desktop and laptop. I have not tested it on iPad. Please help/guide.

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Peter Dsouza

Hi Steve..i first log on to Moodle as admin and create a category. Then I add a new course to this category. After this, I upload the zipped file of Storyline output to this new course.

I have tested it both as a admin and also as a student. The output remains the same. When the course starts it first shows a launch screen and then automatically shows a second screen that displays the course contents. Luckily the students do not have to click on the "Launch button" to load the course contents. My concern is that why display this launch screen unnecessarily.

I did not have this problem with the older courses I had developed using Storyline 1. I just started using Storyline 2 and have this problem only with courses developed with Storyline 2.

Any body knows how to disable or prevent the launch screen and directly load the course contents?

Steve - Appreciate your time/efforts.

Dan Marsden

It sounds like you might be describing the Moodle "launch" screen - there is a setting called "student skip content structure page" in Moodle which allows students to be passed through - but this page is also the only location where the links to reports are shown so it cannot be bypassed when logged in with the admin or teacher accounts.

The behaviour in Moodle also varies slightly depending on whether you are using a standard "topics/weekly" format course and adding the SCORM package to a topic within the course or if you are using the "SCORM" or "Single activity" course formats and displaying a SCORM package as a single course within Moodle.

Peter Dsouza

Hi Dan,

Yes I did try to change the settings on "student skip content structure page" in Moodle but does make not difference. I still see the screen with Launch button first and the second screen automatically loads up the course. I personally think, this has something to do with settings on Storyline 2. Because the older courses were developed on Storyline 1 and we never had this launch screen issue.


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