How to easily filter a set of storyline slides according to set criteria?

Dec 08, 2015


Is there a simple way, without creating multiple scenes of slides with some of the same duplicated content, to enable a user to select a group of slides based on one or more criteria?

So for example, in a teaching context where I work:

Having slides that could be slected by age applicability OR according to say teaching and learning, special educational needs, assessment, etc... some slides would fall into a number of categories probably. So it would be a bit like tagging slides with a number of criteria and pulling out a set of slides based on one/two or even possibly three matched criteria.

Is there a simple way to do this?


Chris Pim

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Michael Shannon

Simple is a relative term, and one I tend to avoid since it carries so much ambiguity :)

But, you could do this with some work. I have done something similar using variables and triggers. You set your variable based on the learner's choice at the beginning, then put a conditional trigger on the next button that bases the next page the learner sees on the variables set. Simple explanation for a sometimes complicated execution. 

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