How to fully disable responsive player?

Jan 17, 2017


the course I am building works well on any desktop browser but not on any mobile device, where the 'responsive player' is triggered instead of the standard player. How could I disable the responsive player so that it would use the standard player on all devices?

Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Reeta, 

Thanks for reaching out with this question - I've only heard a few other users asking for similar, and as such I wanted to confirm. Are you looking to see the existing desktop player also on your mobile devices vs. the new player we have for mobile output? It's currently not an option to have the same player set up across those two environments but I'll be sure to pass along your request to our team.

You can also bookmark this form where you'll be able to submit feature requests directly to our Product team. 

Sanna Skants

Hello, and thanks for the comments!

My question was how to have the mobile devices not use the responsive player, since it seems to break the course in many ways. As I understand it, the even the regular HTML5 output for web uses your standard player when viewed in a browser? This works fine and my reasoning is: if the users will play the course on their mobile devices (mainly just tablet at this point) browser it should work as well as on a desktop browser. The problem is that the course always goes to the responsive player (begins with dark screen and the 'play'-icon) and breaks the course.

So how should I proceed to disable the responsive player? Or all players if the HTML5 output is simply HTML5 and not using any player.

Thanks again for the responses!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Reeta, 

Within Articulate 360, and viewing content from Storyline or Studio you'll see it in the responsive player when accessing on a mobile device. There isn't a way to currently turn that off, and although you see it with the dark border and the change of the buttons, it is still launching in the Safari or Chrome browser (based on your device and where you choose to open it). Within the HTML5 output on a mobile device there isn't a option within Storyline/Studio to turn off that initial play button, although I know in earlier versions of Storyline/Studio other users had hacked the code within the published output to remove it. 

Are you finding issues with how the course is playing within the mobile HTML5 output? We'd be happy to take a look and investigate that further with you. We'd want to see a copy of your .story file and a link to the published output if you can share. You’ll want to upload the .story file here (which is the file prior to publishing) using the “ADD ATTACHMENT” button at the bottom of the forums reply window. If you’d prefer to not share in the public you’re always welcome to share with our Support Engineers here. They’re available 24/7 to assist! 

Bill Kelleher

So I may have a use case in which it would be helpful be able to disable the responsive player. I have a quiz embedded into an iframe on a platform, and looks like a cohesive part of the course when on desktop, but less so on mobile. 

It's published to HTML 5 with the standard player disabled/transparent and the browser settings set to Resize to fill Screen/ Scale player to fill browser window, so it is able to scale to a smaller size when necessary. Granted, it wouldn't be much better even without the responsive player size wise, but the start button and black/gray area of the player make it less seamless than it could be. Even changing those colors would be helpful. 

Either way, the new features are still pretty awesome!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Bill for those images and examples. It looks like the course is embedded in an iFrame as well, that's how it's showing the information on the right hand side outside the player? Have you tested just on a web server or LMS that won't show it in an iFrame? Also the dual next buttons are throwing me off a bit, but I know our team is continuing to think through the player options and what new features and changes we can add to accommodate all the different use cases, so we'll keep you posted! 

Kyle Main

I'm confused.

If the older version could publish this way and looked great on an iPad, then why can't the new technology/software loose this feature, assuming everyone would want the responsive player that courses and major older projects were designed as promised to look and function one way.

It should really be an option to use the old way, or use the new feature.

Even restricting to landscape mode does not fix these issues.  The old way was working in the portrait and landscape view.

The courses just scaled to fit the ratio..  How is this simple feature gone. It's like we went backwards in many ways.  


Crystal Horn

Hi Kyle. First of all, thanks for taking the time to describe in detail your dilemma with the new responsive player for the HTML5 output of Storyline 360. It sounds like at the heart of your problem is the fact that you’ve done a lot of work to customize the original player of the course in Storyline 2, in terms of branding and size geared toward specific devices. Now that you’ve upgraded your projects to Storyline 360, the new responsive player has replaced a lot of this customization, so I’m sorry for your frustration!

The HTML5 output was rebuilt for Articulate 360 products, and the biggest advantage of the new responsive player was that it gave as much screen space to your content as possible while still maintaining crucial player features. You’re right that the colors of the player cannot be customized, so I can see where that might clash with your branding goals, especially when working with other clients who rely heavily on having a consistent look and feel in their media materials.

If it’s ok, I’d like to pass along your experience to our team so that we can continue to discuss ways we can improve the player in terms of customization and consistency between desktop and mobile devices. We are currently working toward a unified player option, and your thoughts are great input for the team! Thanks again for reaching out.

Kyle Main

I know at one point their was talk about a forum post from Articulate that could be very helpful for the Product team and the community.

Is this still in  the Plans?  I know we don't get to see a roadmap for features coming to things like making the community forums better.

I know we can all submit a feature request as linked to by Ashley, but only a select percentage of people will go there versus a posting to the community. (Why not both)

The great part to a forum dedicated to Feature request posting is the ability for people to get feedback on the new feature ideas.

When  we use that form, we will not get any feedback or response usually (right?)  The Articulate team that decides which feature to make a priority will not have the best data, without more feedback from the community to give us a chance to show if we agree or if it's not a great idea. 

If a lot of people have not thought about a feature that one person recommends, but after reading it here, they could realize that it's a great idea that could help their projects become better, or produce projects faster.  The community can help prioritize the value of feature request ideas, but from that input, the Articulate team could decide if they agree or care that so many people want a feature that it becomes their real priority .

- Kyle

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kyle - This is an idea we've tossed around and we are trying to better prioritize customer 'pain points' and needs which would include bugs identified as well as features. I understand the upvoting idea and that's precisely why we have discussed it internally, but no update on that at this time. It is why we encourage users to share and let us know what they are experiencing - because we are advocating for you :)

Dana Burman

Hi, we're putting the player in an iframe on our corporate training site to avoid the complications we were having with scorm. The desktop player works well enough, but the mobile player expands beyond the normal border and looks bad. Plus, one of our eLearning activities used a submit button on the bottom right of player itself and that's now replaced with a checkmark on the upper right side, so our instructions for how to get to the next slide are invalid on an iPad.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dana,

Our team is currently working on a unified player for Storyline 360 - meaning that you could choose the desktop and mobile outputs to appear the same. The specifics of how that looks are still being finalized, but we're looking at an ETA of later this quarter (so in the next few months). 

We'll keep you posted here in the ELH community and we've also been updating our "What's New" page with highlights and cool new features that we think everyone will be particularly interested in. So stay tuned! 

Kyle Main
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dana,

Our team is currently working on a unified player for Storyline 360 - meaning that you could choose the desktop and mobile outputs to appear the same. The specifics of how that looks are still being finalized, but we're looking at an ETA of later this quarter (so in the next few months). 

We'll keep you posted here in the ELH community and we've also been updating our "What's New" page with highlights and cool new features that we think everyone will be particularly interested in. So stay tuned! 

Great Post Ashley!

Thanks a lot for this information.  Especially since it's not on the "What's New" Page yet.

Michael Long

I second the need for a uniform player across platforms.  One problem I am facing (in addition to the others mentioned above related to how users are introduced to the navigation buttons in course tutorials) is that I have renamed and reprogrammed the submit button to work as a replay button. So once the course switches to a responsive player, the checkmark simply has no context for users. I am certain many others will experience this dilemma as well. 

Glad to hear that the Articulate developers are working on a resolution.

Kyle Main

I have done the same exact thing already for 300+ short lessons

I renamed the submit button to Replay.

I didn't even think of this being an issue!!! I was only thinking of the
layout look and feel / design / client sign off etc...

We are currently using the lessons on PC, but we will be going to Mobile
Q3, so this is why I made the courses to publish as Flash / with HTML5

Why let us rename that in the new SL360 or SL3 if it won't be used? I
really worry that everything has not been considered before jumping to

I know Captivate has Responsive so there is pressure to compete, but at the
cost of a lot really.

Kyle Main

Thank you so much!

This is great to get feedback like this!

I think you had given feedback on another item, or this one already sorry
if you told me twice.

Thanks again for keeping the community about possible enhancements that may
make it to the software.

Even if the feature comes next year, it's great that Articulate is being
more transparent about items that the teams are working on. (I do hope they
come sooner though.)

Andrea Plozzer

I use this code instead of the default one in HTML to force the use of the standard player:

<script>!function(e){var i=/zzzzzz/i,o=/zzzzzz/i,n=/zzzzzz/i,t=/(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)/i,d=/zzzzzz/i,s=/(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)/i,b=/(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)(?=.*\b(?:KFOT|KFTT|KFJWI|KFJWA|KFSOWI|KFTHWI|KFTHWA|KFAPWI|KFAPWA|KFARWI|KFASWI|KFSAWI|KFSAWA)\b)/i,r=/IEMobile/i,h=/(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)/i,a=/zzzzzz/i,l=/zzzzzz/i,p=/zzzzzz/i,f=/(zzzzzz|zzzzzz)(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)/i,u=/(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)(?=.*\bzzzzzz\b)/i,c=new RegExp("(?:zzzzzz|zzzzzz|zzzzzz|zzzzzz|zzzzzz)","i"),w=function(e,i){return e.test(i)},A=function(e){var A=e||navigator.userAgent,v=A.split("[FBAN");return"undefined"!=typeof v[1]&&(A=v[0]),{phone:w(i,A),ipod:w(o,A),tablet:!w(i,A)&&w(n,A),device:w(i,A)||w(o,A)||w(n,A)},{phone:w(s,A),tablet:!w(s,A)&&w(b,A),device:w(s,A)||w(b,A)},{phone:w(s,A)||w(t,A),tablet:!w(s,A)&&!w(t,A)&&(w(b,A)||w(d,A)),device:w(s,A)||w(b,A)||w(t,A)||w(d,A)},{phone:w(r,A),tablet:w(h,A),device:w(r,A)||w(h,A)},this.other={blackberry:w(a,A),blackberry10:w(l,A),opera:w(p,A),firefox:w(u,A),chrome:w(f,A),device:w(a,A)||w(l,A)||w(p,A)||w(u,A)||w(f,A)},this.seven_inch=w(c,A),||||||this.other.device||this.seven_inch,||||,||||,"undefined"==typeof window?this:void 0},v=function(){var e=new A;return e.Class=A,e};"undefined"!=typeof module&&module.exports&&"undefined"==typeof window?module.exports=A:"undefined"!=typeof module&&module.exports&&"undefined"!=typeof window?module.exports=v():"function"==typeof define&&define.amd?define("isMobile",[],e.isMobile=v()):e.isMobile=v()}(this);</script>

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