How to generate the transcript automatically?

Apr 29, 2015

Can anyone have idea to create transcript in articulate storyline automatically?

Suppose I have 5 slides,

When visit on first slide the text of first slide must go in the transcript, and on slide 1 there are two options for user either he can go on slide 2 or 3.

If user goes on slide 2 then transcript should include content of slide 1 and 2, similarly for 1 and 3.

I can add the manual transcript but issue is that there are around 23 slides and all are not in sequence, means sometime user can go in the order 1, 4, 5, 7, 10, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23.

Similarly user can choose any order to reach at the end of the course. But at last slide I need to record all the content of the user’s visited slide. (Not only last but transcript must update after each visited slide) So making transcript manually not possible. Please anybody suggest me the solution for automatic transcript generator.   

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Ravindra Gardi

Hope so. Ashley I have found one way to do it, just I am storing all the content as variable, and calling them on slide as well as in the transcript, but now problem is that in transcript I am not able to fix the size of content as its overlaying on each other.

Following are my content:
Variable01: wetewtwewtwetwwwwwwww
(I mean two lines of
Variable02: ertetretretert

Now I am calling both variable on one place, but my textbox size is only % Variable02% so larger content get compressed. In that textbox and font getting too small.

Also if I call %variable01%
Then both are overlaying and if I call them vice varsa then space between them became larger.

please suggest me solution for text auto adjustment