How to get button name in edit mode in storyline 2?

Oct 13, 2014


I have one issue regarding “Editing states on” dropdown list to choose button.

In Storyline 1 Update 6, I checked (see screenshot_01.jpg) and get custom name of buttons and when I checked Storyline 2 (see screenshot_02.jpg), it shows me only object type name i.e. button.



Is it possible to get this functionality back which is useful to update button states?



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Daniel Beatty

Im having a similar issue with naming buttons. 
I can rename the button in the timeline view left hand column, but not the right hand column. (see screen shot 01) This is proving quite problematic for me, as I want to be able to make custom visited states for the button, but I simply can't figure it out since renaming is impossible (for me). 
In the intro to Articulate 2 it shows how to make these custom buttons, and if you look closely at the video ( at the 15:26 you see the text inside the button state, which is a reflection of the name of that button (also see screenshot 3). Since I can't rename the button I need to put a text box over the button, and it's driving me crazy! I then need to make sure the text and buttons are on the right layers so they show on my slide properly with hover states, and it is making creating a custom button state of 'visited' with a custom icon (like in the demo video how they use hearts) near impossible (see screenshot 2). Please help! 

Emily Ruby

Hi Judy,

There are 2 issues in this post. If you are referring to the naming of the buttons in the right hand panel in the timeline, you can reference the file above. That panel will change when you add text into the button (or shape). If you are referring to the OP question, the same thing will apply. Once you add names to the buttons, those will appear in the dropdown in the Edit State section.

Let me know if this helps, or if there is something different you are seeing.

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