how to get results of a survey published in 3 languages ?

May 14, 2013


We have developped a Storyline module with a survey in 3 languages.  On the first screen the person has to choose between 3 languages : French, Dutch and English.  Following the choice the person goes further in the survey in the choosen language.

At the end of the survey, the person gets a result (percentage + indication ok - nok).

This Storyline module has to be placed in our learning management system in order to track the results. 

In 'LMS reporting' we use : passed/failed

In 'Tracking using quiz result' we have to make a choice between the 3 results (3 languages).

The question is : what should we do in order to avoid that choice between the 3 results ? 

In the learning management system, we only want to get 1 result which is based on the choice of language made on the first screen.  Is it possible to get only one result ?

Could you help me with this problem ?

I thank you in advance for your time.

Kind regards.


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