How to import Rise module into Storyline module

May 25, 2023


I'm making a storyline onboarding module, but I need to import some Rise modules into it. For example, I have a Rise module about the use and possibilities of our learning environment, but I don't want to make the whole thing again in Storyline. In stead I would like to make a button in Storyline to link the Rise module with the possibility to go back to the Storyline module and continue the onboarding, without exiting Storyline. So I also don't want to open a second screen in the browser, this could confuse the user. 


Is this even possible? When it is possible, what is the best way to do this?

Thx in advance. 



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Luciana Piazza

Hello, Michael!

Thanks so much for reaching out.

You can embed Rise 360 into Storyline 360 via a web object.

  1. Publish Rise 360 for web distribution and host on a web server:
    Rise 360: How to Embed Published Content in a Web Page
  2. Add web object to Storyline 360:
    Storyline 360: Adding Web Objects

I understand that you do not want the learners to have to navigate out of the course to view your Rise 360 content. You'll want to be sure to select Display in Slide when choosing how to have the web object navigate.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any additional questions! 

Learning & Innovation Studio MOC

Hi again, 

We have tried this but It isn't working as we want. 

When we insert the Rise module into Storyline (open in same tab), it doesn't show the pictures we have implemented into the Rise module. So it does show the tekst etc. but not the pictures and headers. 

Then we tried something else...  We linked the Rise module into a button in Storyline, so it opens in a different tab. The Rise module is working as it should do, the same as you will open it in a LMS system. But there is a button at the top right corner, this button says 'einde', probably 'END' in your case. I would expect when I press this button it would go back to the original Storyline module, but it doesn't do anything. 

Could you help me figure this out? The best way would be to open it in the same tab, with al the content (including pictures).

Maybe you and your team could try this in your own system? I think it's an option that should work with both Storyline and Rise. 

Thanks in advance

Jose Tansengco


Happy to help!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the 'einde' (END) button that is not working properly for you? Please note that if this button is part of your LMS or web server, you may need to reach out to the administrator of the hosting environment to troubleshoot its functionality. 

Testing your course in our system is a great idea! We'll be glad to test your course so we can take a closer look at what's happening. Would you be willing to share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case for testing? We'll delete it when we're done!