How to keep objects from baselayer clickable when layer is showing...

Hello, I am sure there are numerous tutorials which show how to do what I want to do, but it's hard for me to even describe what I want to do (and therefore look for it.)


I have a base layer with 4 clickable areas. I also have four additional layers which are shown when the corresponding clickable area from the base layer is clicked.  These layers each cover about 1/4 of the slide, and are NOT supposed to cover the clickable areas from the base layer. Only one layer can be shown at a time, so when the user clicks the corresponding button, that layer will be shown and the others will be hidden.


So I want the clickable areas to be clickable no matter what layer is showing, but it seems like when one layer is shown the clickable areas from the base layer are "covered up" and no longer clickable.

Could anyone help? 

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