How to keep the object state stay the same after revisited?

Jun 24, 2014

Hi, I have 4 objects (characters) added on the screen. After clicking an object, the object state is changed to "Visited" which means the object is grey out. However, the object state will change back to normal if clicking the object again.  How can the object state stay the same after one clicking?? 

The current trigger wizard for each object is:

Action : Change State of

On Object: Character 1

To State: Selected

When: User Clicks

Object: Character 1

Please help!!! MANY THANKS!!

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Walt Hamilton

Two things:

1. The activity this wizard performs is built into the object, so this trigger isn't needed. Sometimes (not always) writing triggers using built-in states (like Selected) can cause problems.

2. When objects have built-in states, each state will perform the action that is hardwired into it. Thus if you have an object that is "Visited" , and you click on it, it will change to selected. If you hover over it, it will change to "Hover".

That is why I prefer to use custom states. I have to write the triggers, and use variables, but I have exact control over the states. The story posted here  uses variables and triggers to change and protect the states of the buttons. See if it can help you.

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