How to make a Quiz button active only after all slides completed?

I'd like my training module to have a link to the Quiz in the main menu, but have it active only after the user has gone through all the slides.  Obviously, I don't want the user to be able to jump directly to the Quiz.  However, I want to provide an option for the user to go back and review the content if they fail the quiz on the first attempt.  

The way I have it now, if the user fails, goes back to the main menu to review some of the information, then they have to go back through the slides again to retake the quiz.  I don't know how to setup a simple way for them to return the quiz, while also restricting them from skipping ahead to the quiz.

Thanks so much for any help.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Andrew,

It would probably be helpful if you can tell us a bit more about how things are set up, or perhaps submit your story, or a piece of it here.

I've attached a really barebones story which certainly wouldn't fit all situations.

3 scenes: one w/ main menu slide, one with Content, one with quiz/results slide

  • There's a button to jump to quiz, initially set to hidden, on the main slide.
  • This button is triggered to normal once Learners have completed content, based on a variable (see below)
  • You also need to add a trigger to this quiz button to reset the results slide if you want Learners to be able to retry the quiz from here
  • In case you plan to show the menu in the player, the quiz scene has been removed.
  • I created a T/F variable called content and set  it to True on the "last" content slide
  • The next button on the last content slide is changed to bring Learners back to the main menu
  • Reminder: There's a trigger on the main menu that changes the state of the quiz button to normal if the Content variable=True
  • I've added a "jump to main menu" button on each slide so Learners can get back there and therefore back to the quiz button from wherever they are

I'm not sure this is the most efficient way to set up your course, but I was responding to your  question.

Andrew Probert

Thanks Rebecca.  That works well when I tried it on a new blank project..  However, in my project it isn't working because my menu slide has interactive objects that link to other parts of the presentation.  When a user returns to the main menu it automatically activates whichever link was clicked on.  So when I change the slide revisit action from Automatically Decide to Reset to Initial State then it doesn't change the state of the button to Normal.