How to open someone else's articulate SCORM package?

Nov 02, 2014

Someone gave me a SCORM package and I tried to open it in Articulate.  I can't seem to open it.  What file do I use to open it...the zip file?

Also, I tried to upload the .swf file created from articulate to my website in  I used the Flash function in weebly but it said it could not upload it.  Am I using the wrong file?  Is there something else I should have done in articulate?

I'm very new at this.  Please help.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniela,

Also, when uploading the course to an LMS or web server, you'll need to include the entire contents of the published output folder - not just an swf file. SCORM Cloud is a great, free, industry standard testing environment, but to make any changes to the course you'll need the original .story file. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marcin,

It sounds like you are referring to a deleted account on your network, which is not something that we can help with.

Storyline software and files are saved to local machines and managed by individual users and their IT teams.

Have you asked your IT team if there is a backup of this person's account to see if the .story files are there for you to save to your local machine?

Adrian Yepez


I'm having a similiar issue here. In my imsmanifest.xml I have a lot of files, some of them have multiple parameters inside the href.

But, In my web, I can't open those files properly because I'm not recieving the parameters after the &. I using & inside the xml file so the special Characters is not the problem.

BTW, the files that have only one parameters (No & needed) are working fine.
<iframe id="educa_interactive_scorm" src="/modules/scorm/frameset.php?account=<?php echo _ACCOUNT; ?>&path_src=<?php echo trim($_GET['path_src']); ?>&module_src=<?php echo trim($_GET['module_src']); ?>&unit=<?php echo trim($_GET['unit']); ?>&sco_instance_id=<?php echo intval(trim($_GET['sco_instance_id'])); ?>&module_tit=<?php echo trim($_GET['module_tit']); ?>" class="resp-iframe" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

In the code above, the 'module_src' var is where the file to open on is defined

The screenshot is a example of my xml file where is declared the SCORM file with multiple parameters