How to prevent Internet Explorer playback

Aug 06, 2019


A vendor is making Storyline created training that doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11 and our LMS doesn't really support limiting playback by browser.  Even if it works now with Flash, soon Flash will be unsupported for Internet Explorer.

Assuming that nothing works (debugging or turning off IE compatibility mode, etc), is there a way to insert code or do something in Storyline 360 to prevent playback using Internet Explorer, but allow other browsers?  An error/redirect message and prevention of playback would be ideal.

Thank you!


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Jerry Beaucaire
  1. Create a text variable called browser
  2. Add the following code to the first slide, it should be a popup/splash so the code has a chance to finish in the background while viewing the splash.
    (attached as a text file)

    Execute Javascript when timeline starts
  3. Now, on your "NEXT" button, add some code to check the value of the browser variable.   If the variable = IE then do your abort process, with a message, preferably.

    Jump To Slide99 (Forced Exit with Message) on the condition that variable browserIE


Code attached was derived from this StackOverflow thread.

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