How to publish a course as a MP4 or video

Aug 25, 2015

Can someone help me with the best way to publish a course as a MP4 or video? We need to send our external clients the courses, saving and downloading the file is not a option. We want opening the course to be seamless and possibly a one-click launch. Any help would be appreaciated. I have tried to converting the file to a .exe by WinZip and also tried the SWP option. No good any other suggestions?

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Russell Still

Recording your executing story using the screen recorder in SL does work. The upside I've found is that it is clearer/sharper than screen recordings done with Camtasia. The downside is that moving animations and fades are jerky (as if the frame rate is too slow). If the SL developers would enhance that a bit it would be an excellent way to create true videos. I have put in a feature request some time back to allow publishing directly to video so maybe we'll see that someday. It would be a lot more straightforward than running SL's screen recorder.

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