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Dave Cox

Hi Evie,

It really is a simple process to publish your project to sharepoint. 

  1. Publish your project for the web.
  2. Copy your files to the folder in sharepoint where you want the project to reside.
  3. Right-click on the story.html file, and select copy URL. Paste the URL that you just copied into another document. This is the URL that you can publish to access the course.
nech nay

Hi, but how can you upload all the folder to sharepoint? In the output folder, there are many sub folders, and some sub folder has more than 70 files. You can't drag the whole foler to drop in sharepoint destination, sharepoint always asks to upload ONE file. so how to upload the whole output folder? please.

Vivan Kueter

Hi there. Does anyone know if there is a fix for the issue with Storyline 2 and Sharepoint for the external_files folder problem?  Sharepoint still renames the "external_files" folder to "external_files_" which creates the problem for pdf files in the Resources link. The pdf files are displaying as "not found" after it has been published and uploaded to Sharepoint. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kennie, 

We always recommend keeping file names and paths well below the character count mentioned here, especially because additional information is added during publishing to the folder name. 

I'd check into that, and then see if Sharepoint support has any other ideas for things to modify!