How to set one picture to have multiple animations

Jun 21, 2012

I have a picture that I have animated to spin.  I'd like it to spin several times while the learner is on this page. It doesn't appear that in Storyline you can set multiple animations for one item.  Is this correct or am I missing something?

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Jill McNair

I don't think there's anyone - not even the programmers - who knows everything there is to know about Storyline.    We all learn things as we have the need to know them.  And that is another reason why this community is so great because we can learn that new thing when we need to learn it!

I remember when I first started with Storyline, I watched all these great tutorials - and promptly forgot what they taught until I needed to do that task.  Then the challenge is to find that video again!  :-)

We are all colleagues here, no matter what the experience level.  This community's purpose is to help us build our elearnig superpowers (not just to answer Articulate product questions), and anyone who contributes questions, answers, advice or ideas is a colleague and a hero in my eyes.  :-)

Jill McNair


I never did respond to your question about animated gifs.  I think most people don't use them because they are actually mini-movies and can be large and therefore slow down page loading times.  And of course there are so many cheesy ones out there that they give animated gifs a bad name.

That being said, I think a simple 3 or 4 frame animation could work well in a Storyline file.  There are plenty of sites where you can make an animated gif for free, like :  You have to come up with the images, which could be created PowerPoint and saved as images.

Also, if you happen to know a little Photoshop, here is a short and very clear tutorial that shows how to create one with that program.

Has anybody else used animated gifs in Storyline?  Why or why not?

Hope this helps!


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