How to show a variable as a %

Jan 11, 2016


I have created a personality questionnaire with 4 types. 

  • There are 80 statements (created using multi choose) and users select the statements they agree with. 
  • I have created a variable for each type of personality. 
  • I add 1 point to the variable if the user selects the certain statement that relates to the personality type.
  • On the results slide I can see the total number of statements selected for each type.  It looks like this %Type1% and this displays the number. 

My question is this.  Instead of showing the result as a number, I would like to show the result as a %.  In excel it would look something like this =%Type1%/80 and they change the cell type to a percentage.  Lets say %Type1% is 20 they then it would show 25%. 

Is there a way of doing this in Storyline either by using the tools available or by using JavaScript?


Thanks in advanced.


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