How to setup a single quiz results slide to include individual scores of 4 different quiz banks?

I have a personality type quiz that I want all new users to take before they begin any on-the-job training. There are 4 different personality types determined by 74 questions (19 for each category). They are simple yes/no answers. So, I figured that I could make 4 question banks for each category and then have a results slide that would show the total number of points for each quiz bank. 

Then the final personality type result would show at the bottom in a triggered slide layer.  Essentially which category did they rank the highest.  Then, there will be another trigger to go to an explanation slide of that specific personality.  Here is what I cannot figure out.  I want to show the results of each quiz bank separately but in the same results slide.  For example:  Score for Type 1 = 25.  Score for Type 2 = 10, etc.  If I try to setup the results for each quiz bank, it does not seem to allow me to customize.  Once I make a change, it makes that change for all and will only show the results of whatever quiz is shown.  Or will combine the quizzes together.  

Is there a good way to have individual results for 4 quiz banks on 1 single results slide?

Thanks so much!

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Ashish Sikka

Choosing Between Result Slides Option
Ashish Sikka
By Ashish Sikka
Hi All,

I need a little help. I have developed a course which as progress gets divided into two categories :

1.FOH - Team Members

2. BOH - Team Members

and both the categories have their different set of questionnaire or quiz within their course and both of them have their own result slide reflecting their scores.

concern here is that if FOH category guy has completed their course only their result slide will have scores/results while there will be nothing on result slide for BOH category in this instance.

and when i publish this course, under tracking and monitoring what should i do where if FOH category guys have answered their quizz or BOH Category guys have answered, i should always gets the results. Which can be reflected to my LMS system.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ashish, 

Have you looked at the options for using multiple results slides and one master results slide? You could then set the passing score to reflect if they only saw and passed one of the quizzes and we'll send that to your LMS.

You can easily modify that final results slide to not show the user the score, but it will be sent to the LMS as such. 

Hope that helps and if you're looking for a more custom set up, I hope folks in the community can weigh in.