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Rich Calcutt

Hi Thomas, 

You could create a true/false variable that starts off as 'false' called 'audiostop' and make a trigger on the slide with your audio that says:

'Adjust variable 'AudioStop' to 'true' when user clicks 'next'

This will control the variable like a switch, and you can link it as a condition to the audio. For example, if the audio on your slide starts automatically, you could set up a trigger that that says:

'stop media when timeline starts IF variable 'audiostop' is equal to TRUE'

Or if the audio starts on a trigger, you could add a condition to that trigger that says

'play media IF variable 'audiostop' is equal to FALSE'

I hope this helps. Please let me know if any of that isn't clear. 



Thomas Gafford

Thank you Rich for the quick reply. However, my situation is that the learner exits the lesson on slide 2  with resume enables. When they resume the lesson at a later date, they will be returned to slide 2 and the audio will play again. Wish to set it up so that when they resume the lesson next week, the audio will not automatically play.

Tom Gafford

Daniela  Figueiredo

Hi, I got the exact opposit problem.

I have a slide with sound and animations. When the timeline reaches end it trigges a layer with the "next" button.

When learner returns to the slide I want the audio to play and the layer to be visible.

With the resumed to saved state I dont get the audio to play. With automaticly decide I dont get the layer to be visible when reviewing.

I already tried to change button states, When timeline reaches a certain number, but nothing is workink.

So, I created a variable that is triggered by the next button and when its value is true it should show the layer when reviewing. But it doesnt.

Please HELP

Christie Pollick

Hi, Daniela -- Many thanks for your patience as I tested your file! Perhaps I am not understanding the issue you are describing. When I published your file and tested your course in the SCORM Cloud as seen here, I was able to click the "Next" button in the bottom right corner on Slide 1 to reach Slide 2. And then when I clicked "Prev", I was taken back to Slide 1, where the audio began to play again, and when the timeline reached its end, the "Next" button appeared once more as it had on the first run. Could you please clarify if that is not what you were hoping to have happen? 

Daniela  Figueiredo

Hi Christie. Thank you for your anwer.

My probblem is that the next button should be available as soon as the timeline starts when reviewing the slide.

The Learner should not have to wait for the sound to stop for a second time, since he already viewed the slide. So, the Next button should be available right from the start.

Stratbeans C

Hi Daniela,

So i understood your issue and i was able to solve it for you,

Here is how it can be done:

Step 1: Create a true/false variable (Slide1) Initial value=false

Step 2 : Add a trigger on Slide 2: Set Slide1 equal to true when the timeline starts

 trigger 1

Step 3 : Add a trigger on Slide 1: Show layer next when the timeline starts if Slide1 is equal to true

 trigger 2


I have also attached the completed file for your referance.


Daniela  Figueiredo


I already tried the variable, but I changed it to true when user clicked on the next button and this didnt work. Changing the variable on the next slide works.

Now I have more then 70 slides and I have to create a variable for each slide. Well, I have some work to do now.  :)

Thank you!