How to Track a Open Qestion?

Jun 26, 2013

Hi All.

Following Problem seems no solution.

I want to create a Quiz with different types of questions and publish to LMS for Tracking.

This i have done before and it works well.

But now i want to add open questions.So the user have to write down a text answer.But how can the system know what is right or wrong?How i can track this?

One idea was to create a survey question and the user answers in a text.

Can i email that to my adress check the answer and send back as passed or failed?All other questions ending in normal result.

How i can combine open questions and normal Questions to show in the same Quiz result and track this in LMS.

For my understanding there is no solution.

iam realy happy for help.

greets Klaus

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Mike Taylor

Hi Klaus! I don't know that you could automate this to score it and include it in the results at the end of the quiz. One possibility  to easily capture that input might be to have them enter that longer text type answer into a web form like survey gizmo, survey monkey or a Google Docs form. Those can be set up to email you when someone submits an answer.

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