Multiple quiz scores to LMS

Jul 18, 2018

I saw that you can combine multiple quiz results into one results slide. Do all of those quiz questions and learner answers get sent to LMS? I am unable to test this currently. Here's what I got from the user guide:

'Track using quiz result: Mark this option to track learners based on their quiz results. If your course has multiple quizzes, choose the one you want to track.'

But I want all quizzes in the course tracked in LMS.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Libby,

You bet! You can add a final results slide to combine the results of all other quizzes into a cumulative score. That result slide will send this data to your LMS based on all of the quiz questions in your course. 

Since you mentioned you're unable to test in a learning management system at the moment, I wanted to point you to SCORM Cloud! It's a handy tool for LMS testing because it's industry standard. Best part, it's free! 

Let me know if you'd like some help testing that!

Libby Doran

I understand that it will make a cumulative result, I wondered if it would also send the question-specific information to LMS so you can see where learners are getting stuck. You are seriously so amazing Alyssa! Thank you for the fast and informative response. I totally forgot about SCORM Cloud! that's just what I need! I have just tested a SCORM on SCORMCloud and it does indeed show question-level data for all quizzes, even when there is more than one quiz within the course. Perfect! Now to get my LMS to read this data...! Thanks again :) 

PS for anyone reading this: I am trying to get LMS365 setup for my organisation.

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