How to view Pick 1 choice on a results slide

Hi, I have asked users to rate themselves using a pick one interaction.

How can I get the results slide to show the selected choice from the 'pick one' interaction that users selected?

I realise that I could refetrence the result, but I am not sure where to find the name for the pick one that the user selected? It doesnt appear in the variables list?

Help please?



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Mike Pieloor

Hi Adrian, not really essential for this part of the program. I just want to have a record of what the learner thought about their experience.

So they rate their experience and then review the collected results on a results slide - also allows them to check they have comeplted all activities.

I am guesing that I will have to set a variable and refer to that, but if there is already a variable in the program for each response to the question, then that would be easier to reference.