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I've made a module which works fine as a regular publish. However, the html5 output misaligns certain text boxes so that they appear some distance off (left and down) from where they should be. No errors are generated and and no errors appear in the developer console of any browser.

It's only some text boxes too, most of them are in the correct place. I can't see any pattern with the text - some of it is in different fonts, different sizes, different text box margins, the text boxes are all different sizes, and the text sometimes fades in, flies in and is sometimes on the stage from the start.

I can't seem to search the forum to see if anyone else has had this problem (the search pulls up zero results no matter what I search for) and was wondering if anyone knows any reason why this could be happening?

Oh and I'm on Storyline update 3.

Thanks in advance


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Darren and welcome to Heroes! 

It sounds like a lot is happening there! Can you confirm that you're testing your published output within the intended environment?  Since a number of different things are happening, it may be best if we can test your .story file as well. If you'd like to post it here, or share it privately with our Support team we can look into what's happening. 

Additionally, my preferred way of searching the forums I learned from this screenr by Adrian.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Darren - I see that Cleo sent you the following information back: 

Did you copy and paste the text from a different source or did you type it manually? If you copy and pasted it, please delete the text box and try to type manually. You can also work around the issue, by grouping the text box with the button object. You can also, delete the text box, then right-click on the button object and select "Edit Text".

If you use Shift+Enter to manually create line breaks in text, you may find that animations by first level paragraph do not work as expected. Please review the following article for more information: 

Darren Rungapadiachy

It looks like creating new text boxes/writing the text into shapes is fixing the issue - I'll just manually see which ones are faulty and replace them - In the future, I'll just check my output a few times during the build process to see if I've distorted a text box so that I don't end up copying that text box throughout the module!