Html5 for Cd delivery

Jan 15, 2013

Hi everyone,

I need to publish a course for off line delivery to html5 system.

I know that the "publish to cd" option could be suitable,

but I suppose that this would only produce a Flash output...

Will the course be visible also when opened in a html5 environment?

More generally, which is the best publication option if I want to deliver a course

off line for html5?

Thank you,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alessandro,

Can you give a little more information about the environment where this content will be viewed? If you're publishing to CD, the content will be launched through the executable and the most common (and most successful) method to use this content is to burn it onto a disc. 

Do you intend for this content to be viewed locally on a machine?

Publishing to CD is the best method if you absolutely must view the content locally. This is because there are too many browser restrictions and other limitations with the HTML or HTML5 files and you may not be able to properly view the content.


Alessandro Cecconi

Thank you, Christine,

I got more information now.

To be more precise, the content  has to be locally viewed on a "totem" touch machine, with Windows Embedded as OS, without browser restrictions.

The question is: for an completely off line solution, does a CD version output play as html5?

For the moment, I am trying to arrange an on line solution, with publication for Web (include html5 output for touch features),

but I don't know if there are network constraints that could prevent me from that.

Thank you again,


Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Alessandro,

Personally, I've never worked on that type of machine, but if it's running through a Windows OS, I don't see how the restrictions from browsers would be lifted. Now, publishing to CD isn't going to be an issue - or at least I wouldn't expect it to be, if you ran it from this type of system, but CD publishing isn't HTML5. I guess I just don't understand why the requirement for HTML5, if you're launching it through a Windows OS and offline. 

Here's what I would suggest:

Create a course with some small media files, similar to ones you plan on using. Use some audio, some video and some images. You could even create some small quizzes. Maybe one or 2 slides. Try testing out the different publishing methods and see which one would work best in that environment. Personally, I think you're going to see the best results with CD - but if the content you're planning to use isn't something that will cause issues with HTML5 and restrictions, you may be safe going with the Web publishing method.

I'm curious to see how this goes!


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