HTML5, iPad, first visit to question is in Review mode even though I'm not in Review mode...

I'm publishing my SL2 (Update 3) file with HTML5 (not AMP). I have quiz questions and a Results slide. Allow User to Review Quiz is NOT checked.  This happens for some questions but not for others. I cannot see any configuration difference between the questions.  All works as expected in Windows browser (Therefore Flash version of course) but when on iPad browser, for some questions, the FIRST time I arrive at the question, the red banner that you would see in Review mode--if you were in Review mode which I'm not--saying "INCORRECT" is present at the bottom even though, again, Allow User to Review Quiz is not checked, LET ALONE the fact that this is the first time I've been to the question so even if I DID have Review enabled it should not be exhibiting Review mode-like behavior.  Because it thinks it is in Review mode, even if I close the "INCORRECT" banner, I can't select an answer to Submit.  This is driving me nuts. I can't give you the SL file (private content) and I have tried to make a redacted, abridged version but I can't get it to fail in the abridged versions.  I republished it but that did not make the problem go away. I have not been able to find any comments about such an issue. I would greatly appreciate anything you can think of to try or any threads you are aware of that might be helpful.  Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

I definitely have not seen that before - and since it seems you're unable to replicate it on a new file, you may want to look at any other elements on that file or quiz which could be interfering. Have you tried importing it into a new file? 

I know you mentioned you couldn't share - private content - but can you share it with our Support engineers? All files are kept confidential. 

David Kelling

Status for those who hope to find an answer here :-(

I submitted a support case, Articulate replicated the behavior and said they submitted to QA and had no time frame for a fix.  They'd heard of a similar issue solved by changing to "Always Resume" which I tried to no avail.  I suppose rebuilding all such questions from scratch would solve the problem but I decided to go back to Storyline 1 (file was created in SL1 and converted to SL2 to get better iPad performance) which I could get away for various reaons; problem doesn't happen in HTML5 when published from SL1.  Due to a similar issue I had I believe converting from SL1 to SL2 is part of the problem having had other conversion issues and suspect if I'd built my course from scratch in SL2 I would not have had this problem.

No response necessary, just updating in case someone else looks.  Thanks

Veronica Budnikas

Hi David,

I am also having this problem and have been in touch with Support. They have said that this is (now) a 'known' issue with SL2 Update 3 and 4 (4 is the current one) and is with the QA team. They also said this is an issue with the resume function in html5, which for you David seems to not have been when resuming, right? but when visiting the question for the first time? We discovered it when a student started in Flash version, closed midway and resumed on ipad. 

I built my courses directly in SL2 so I am not sure starting from scratch in SL2 would make the problem go away.

Another thing they said was that this was happening 'intermittently', which is the case with my courses: I have 10 files that are very similar except for the content, and for no apparent reason 2 of them are unaffected by this, 7 are completely affected (i.e. it goes into review mode and you get stuck there) and one of them is partially affected. 

One more thing: if I start in ipad and get through the whole 'course' in one sitting, it works perfectly.

Anyone else having this issue?

BTW, I don't suppose there is ANY way to convert my SL2 files back to SL1, is there? (I don't think there is, but can't hurt to ask :) )

Cheers, Veronica

David Kelling

Yes it seems it only happens when resuming, though not always. Yes, I have also concluded that if you do the entire course in one session you are unlikely to experience the problem. That is of little consolation in the real world though ;-)  We wasted a lot of time trying to get around this. In the end we decided to give up and adopt the following strategy: If you want your course to play in iPad browser using HTML5 Storyline output, you cannot use score as completion criteria for LMS because any question tied to a Results slide may experience this problem in HTML5 iPad browser.  You may only use number of viewed screens as LMS completion criteria.  

For one course I decided to compromise with this unfortunate hack workaround: We need to use score as criteria for courses that have multiple possible paths and therefore the user must be able to get a status of complete w/o having viewed all screens.  In this situation, only one screen is tied to the results slide. It has a hidden question.  The correct answer state changes to selected when the timeline starts.  The next trigger, in order, is to submit the interaction when the timeline starts.  Worst case scenario is the user gets to this screen and sees the unfortunate red INCORRECT banner at the bottom but because it isn't a real question screen the user can shrug their shoulders and say "Huh?" then close the INCORRECT banner and move on. A score of 100% is sent to the LMS which means when applicable we must force users to get any questions correct before moving on to be consistent with the 100% score that will be sent to the LMS.  The hidden question screen is at the end of the course and by design the user can't get to it and get a status of complete w/o having viewed required content. 

Actually, that is the simple version of our workaround, it is far more complicated than that because of other restrictions we had to work with.  We simply cannot use built-in Storyline quiz and Results slide functionality for the purpose of LMS completion status if we want users to be able to take the course on iPad browser with HTML5. We need to use SCORM to communicate with the LMS; our solution cannot be that every iPad user use AMP which relies on Tin Can.  Sadly, even if Articulate does fix the problem it will be too late for us to take advantage of it because we've had to commit to the above strategy from an instructional design point of view.  Of course I sincerely hope they fix it so people don't have to resort to such compromises and workarounds so please comment away folks, so it makes this a higher priority for Articulate to fix :-)  It's a great product, looking forward to it getting even better.

Veronica Budnikas

David: thanks so much for your detailed post! It very helpful indeed. I will have a play with the 'removing' results slide method, see how that goes.

Emily: You have made my day! Despite not knowing when the update will be, it is great news to know it's been addressed, big sigh of relief from me!



Eric Allen

This is exactly the issue that I am having and also recently posted about.  This is also causing us (me especially) a lot of problems.  I am looking at randomly 2 of 8 presentations with this behavior in scorm 1.2.   HTML5 problem only, quizzes go straight to review mode upon "resume" even if they haven't been taken yet.   I'm currently trying to trigger my way around this (somehow) thru resets and variables, but so far have not found a clean solution.  Put my hat in the "eagerly awaiting the fix" basket.

Jules Griggs

This is very disappointing and causes us users to waste a tremendous amount of time.

SL1, SL2 and AP-2013 are all advertised that they work with mobile devices via html5, but the fact is they do not work correctly, with Mobile devices as advertised.

Sure, you can view content on mobile devices, but once you want to properly track progress, or quiz a student - all bets are off.  

FOR THE ARTICULATE  TEAM - Getting SL2, and AP-2013 to truly work in html5 should be your number one priority.  

Feel free to reach out if want details.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric and Jules,

This is a bug that has been reported to our team in regards to the HTML5 content of Storyline 2 inadvertently switching to "review" mode when the user resumes the course from an iPad in mobile Safari. Our team is continuing to investigate the issue and look into fixes, so once we have information to share we'll update this thread.

Jules, in regards to your comment about tracking content, you can track in HTML5 if published for SCORM or within the mobile player if published for Tin Can and in both scenarios it'll be up to the LMS to track and read the data that the Storyline course sends. If you're running into a different issue we're always happy to take a look and determine what may be happening. 

Jules Griggs

Hi Ashley.  Thanks - we can get you some specifics on what issues we are having with AP-2013 soon.

Meanwhile - just to be clear, the review mode issue does not only happen on iPad in mobile Safari, but please keep us posted because until this bug is fixed, we cannot use Storyline 2 either for mobile delivery.  

More specifics will follow shortly.

Eric Allen

Hi Ashley, I have submitted the support request, and attached 2 files... a "good" one and a "bad" one.  Again, this is intermittent in the sense that some presentations give us absolutely no issues at all, and then the next one with very similar elements, everything is very consistent functionally from one presentation to the next, gives us all of the problems outlined below.   We use scorm 1.2 for tracking just as a heads up.  I have tried many many things to get around this seamlessly with small victories but overall I am still losing the battle.  

The issues persists in the following scenarios:

1) leaving in HTML5 and resuming in HTML5

2) leaving in HTML5 and resuming in FLASH

3) leaving in FLASH and resuming in HTML5

It actually works OK if we leave and resume both in FLASH... no problem.   Any of the above scenarios... no dice.  I have tested in Chrome and Safari both on mobile and its the same in both browsers.

To re-iterate what the functional issue is, everything works fine UNTIL you resume and come back, but when you come back the presentation basically goes into some sort of a "REVIEW" state and just lets you click the "next" button at will, and says you got your quiz questions wrong (and disables them) even though you haven't even taken them yet. 

What I've done is for the issue of the "next" button basically going into an unrestricted mode... I simply can add a trigger to "disable" it when timeline starts and set it to "normal" when the timeline ends.   So I've got that covered... and that works actually for both HTML5 and FLASH.   

Now, for quiz questions... in HTML5... I DO have a "fix" for resuming in HTML5 (in all instances.) by  basically removing the "ReviewMode" text in the published data.js file in the "mobile" folder.  Again, I really don't like doing that, but I have done it and it works.

This leaves Item #2 above as the only scenario that still as I type this I am unable to control.   We have discussed some things where for instance we simply force users to take the training from the start in one format or the other, and stick with it, perhaps we will go that route if all other avenues fail, I really don't know the answer to that, but since I do not have access to an equivalent data.js file for the FLASH output... I believe its equivalent is data.swf... then I am unable to get ahold of this problem as of right now.  I'm currently working on some combination of variable setting, result resets, and "jump to"/redirects to mitigate it, but I have yet been able to do it with 100% success.  If I can get my variables to reset to 0 every time the presentation loads, then I think I can do it, but as of right now, my project variables all remember their previous state when I return.   I am looking into finding the solution to that today.  Anyways, I don't even know if that route will work, but thats what I am currently pursuing.

I hope this helps explain the situation we are currently in.  I want to mention that I do like storyline 2 very much.  I've worked with Presenter for about 7 years now and this, to me, is just great.  BUT, I have found a handful of things in Storyline 2 which I've had to work around with triggers which I much rather would want to see working out of the box.  This issue being by far the biggest of them all, as it is ultimately stopping us from giving our customers what they are screaming for, which is reliable mobile platform.

I don't want to come across as finger-pointing, but i've exhausted almost every option I can think of to get us to where we need to be, and we are not there yet, after a lot of time being put into this one problem.   I'm just looking for a fix, wether its something I can do or something you can do, I don't know.  We are also pursuing upgrading to tin can here fairly soon, for what that's worth.

thanks for your time.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric,

Thanks for sharing the files with our Support engineers and the detailed response here as well. I'm going to include the comments here in your case as they look at testing the files and I'll follow along as well in the case so that I can share any additional information and updates here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric,

I just looked in on your case and I see that Wilbert was able to replicate the issue and shared it with our QA team for additional review. We'll be in touch once there is additional information to share with you via the case, but we can't offer a timeframe in regards to when this information will be available.