HTML5 issue

I have a course that has an activity on one of the slides.  The activity asks the user to drag and drop an item to a certain spot.  When they drop it, a timer starts.  They then have to stop the timer at the appropriate time.  If they do, they get a 'good job' message and a continue button.  If they don't, they are asked to try again. 

The activity works fine in preview, SCORM, and HTML, but the HTML5 doesn't.  Everything looks fine, but the timer stops at 1 second instead of continuing to count.  When you press stop or try again buttons, it flashes both the 'good job' and try again messages for a second, and then they disappear. 

I looked around online, and I saw that quiz timer doesn't work with HTML5, but I didn't know if the same was true for the actual timer.  Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

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Glenn Cermak

Yeah, so the person that responded to my support submission didn't solve the problem at all.  They basically said I setup the triggers correctly, and that it didn't work for them either.  They gave me a different way to do the time feature, which doesn't fit the need that is on the slide at all.  So... I'm still out of luck.