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Mar 28, 2014


I have created a module which includes a single question bank. The learner enters the quiz. If they fail, they undertake some exercises. When these are complete, a trigger resets the quiz and they re-enter the quiz (which is the same question bank). This is important as I want the LMS (scorm cloud) to track from this quiz.

The problem is that the learner is served up with the same questions each time the quiz is accessed. This is not a problem I am experiencing on my pc, where I am served up with different questions each time. The question bank has 10 questions and is set up to serve 3 questions each time it is accessed.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? I downloaded the storyline trial version today so I guess it is the latest release.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick,

Sorry to hear about the odd behavior you're experiencing - are you viewing the HTML5 version or within the Mobile player? If viewing the HTML5 version, can you please also let us know that you're viewing it within Mobile safari?  If you'd like to share the Storyline file here I'm happy to take a look at it as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick,

Sorry  - I wasn't able to test your course till this am. I see the behavior you're describing when you retake the quiz using your "retake" button on the failure layer that you're presented the same questions that you answered previously. Just to confirm, if I take an entirely new attempt (close the browser, reopen course, and Choose "No" to resume) I am presented with different questions, although I may see the same ones again since it's randomly shuffled. 

Since when viewing the quiz within a pc/laptop you receive a new set of questions on the retake, I would expect it to function the same way within the iPad output. I've shared this with our QA team for further review, although I do not have a time frame to offer in regards to a fix for this issue but I'll update this forum thread when I have additional information to share. 

Morten Tvedten

I too have a similar issue.

My problem is that I have one big question bank, that serves questions to sub-tests on specific topics along the course, and a common finalt test at the end covering all topics.

So for the topic specific quizes I set the appropriate topics questions to always be included in the shuffle, and questions from other topics never to be included.

I do this for 11 different topics.

The final test selects randomly from all questions.


I did it this way so I did not have multiple questions banks with the same questions.

The problem is that in HTML5 this does not work. I selects randomly from all questions always. So you get questions not related to the topic.

It works fine in Flash.

I guess this is related to the problem above, that have been in the loop on this forum for the past three years, it seems. So can we assume this is an issue that will never get fixed?




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