HTML5 not loading in IE or Chrome

Sep 26, 2019

Hi everyone,

I have a Storyline 3 file that is not playing when viewed on either IE or Chrome. The file is on a LearnUpon LMS and is a HTML5 only file. We had reporting issues with using flash so had to remove this completely.

Users were able to view the flash file, but cannot see the HTML5 version.

This issue is only affecting some users. I can launch the HTML5 course from the LMS in both IE and Chrome, which makes me think it may be an issue with computer setting rather than the browser.

Has anyone experienced this issue? And were you able to fix it?

Thanks for any help!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Elizabeth!

Are users unable to view the entire course or a certain slide? There could be a certain media file that is preventing users from viewing the course in the HTML format.

I'm happy to test your file! Would you mind sharing your file with us? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with me by using this link.

Elizabeth Heib

Hi Vincent,

They are getting an error message when they open the developer tools in the browser, I have attached a screen shot for you.

I was wondering, could having a web object loading in slide be causing these problems? I only ask as Lauren mentioned media files and I wondered if this would be similar? If this was the problem would you expect the course to not-load in this way? i.e. not loading at all, rather than not loading the specific screens causing the issue?

I should add though that we are having the same issue with a second package though, which is a straightforward assessment - no video/audio/web object/links at all. It shouldn't be loading any external content and yet this also doesn't load.



Vincent Scoma

Hey Elizabeth,

Thank you for providing that screenshot! 

The 403 (forbidden) error message your learners are seeing could be the result of a few different reasons. I am going to open a support case for you so our Support Engineers can investigate this issue further!

Please be on the lookout for an email from Articulate Support! 

Elizabeth Heib

Hi Gabby,

Our problem was specifically with the clients computer and we worked out that their system was blocking the HTML from launching. They needed to “whitelist” the learnupon site and the package URL (basically let their system know that it was a “safe” site) once they did that we didn’t have any problems with launching. Hope that helps!


Katie Riggio

Happy Monday, Danita!

I'm happy to troubleshoot this with you.

My hunch is that your browser settings or company security settings may be blocking access to the course. While Storyline 360 HTML5-only content will work in Internet Explorer 11, it won't work with Compatibility View since it mimics Internet Explorer 7.

As a good first step, let's check that Compatibility View on your local computer is turned off. Here's how: