html5 random question issues

Hi All,

I'm having some very specific issues around a quiz that I've set up in storyline 2 with html5 output.

I have a question bank of 20 questions, randomly selecting 10.  I have a variable that is adjusted to show Qx of 10 - fairly simple stuff. The issue i'm having seems intermittent and after nearly 2 days of testing i cannot find a pattern. It appears to be serving up the same question more than once (randomly - not the exact question). 

This then has a massive knock on effect with the dynamic numbering. Its becoming increasing frustrating particularly as this is fairly standard functionality.

With in the last 10 run though tests only 1 was without issue. The scoring back to scorm cloud looks fine in terms of consistently sending back and reporting. But its obviously wrong when the same question is served more than once. I have placed a text box on every question to identify the "actual" question and as I say cannot find a pattern.

I have added additional checking to the submit button so that it cannot 'double' click and is disabled as soon as its clicked as there seems to be a lot of latency from slide to slide navigation.

I'm testing in scorm cloud and the flash output is fine - I've hammered it and it is solid. Which leads me to the only conclusion that there is an issue specifically with the html5 output / js player which i have no control over.

Any one else had this issue? Any ideas where I go from here?


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Trina Rimmer

Hi Chris.

Sorry to hear of your frustration. It sounds like your pull of questions may be too large of a percentage of the total questions in the bank, thus causing the repeat questions. Without seeing your project file, this is just an educated guess on my part.

This thread might explain this idea in more detail, but if you need more help, feel free to attach your project file so we can take a closer look.

Chris Ridley

Thanks for your reply,

I think you're right, well i think its a combination of that and the way the course is structured (overall). I've simplified both and where I still get performance issues it is a lot more stable when in the quiz.

I even re-built the random selection of slides via javascript - which worked surprisingly well but a tad excessive. I'm currently in another testing cycle and so far so good.