Html5 Video Player Issues on IPAD

Oct 09, 2013

Hi... i'm having some issues with the videoplayer on Ipad.

The first time the videos work fine but, often, when you return to a slide, the play/pause of the videoplayer did not respond anymore and is impossible to stop the videos.

It happens too when the player is at full screen.

I've added a trigger to stop the video at timeline_start and force to frame 0, but seems not to work.

It seems like videos are having issues. Anything about this, how to fix it, where can come this issue?

The course is tested on Moodle running on IOS7, i don't know if these happens on earlier IOS versions

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Juanjo! I was checking on your case today and I see where John sent you an e-mail on 10/11. Did you receive this e-mail? It would have come from John needed some question answered as well as your file so that he can start assisting you. Please respond to the e-mail and continue to work with support on this issue.

Juanjo Haro

The last mail that i have about this is from Regil, wich i've answered that we don't use the mobile player. Looking for i can't find anothe mail... o_o

Hi Juanjo, I've uploaded a copy of your course to my Articulate Online account. I was not able to reproduce the issue when viewing the story in iPad running iOS 7 and Articulate Mobile Player version 2.15. Please verify this by viewing the story below in your iPad: If you still encountering same problem then please do the following: 1. Delete/uninstall the Articulate Mobile Player. 2. Download the latest Articulate Mobile Player on the Apple Store. 3. Restart your iPad. 4. Verify if the issue persists. Regards, Regil Galve Customer Support Engineer Articulate Support - 
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Juanjo! 

Looks like you are referring to case #00360805, but the one I had taken note of for this issue is #00361328.

The last e-mail in that case was:

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support! 

1) Are you embedding the published files to your own 3rd party app on the iPad? 
3) Can you please confirm if the issue happens when you view the published files outside the app and via Mobile safari? 
3) Can you please send us your .STORY file? 

Please upload your Storyline project file to our server for review. Use this upload form: 
We'll attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive your uploaded file. 

I can see now that you have multiple support cases open and #00361691 appears to be the same as the one I just referenced. You sent your files in this instance and that issue was sent to QA for review.

So, perhaps I'm following a dead-end case

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