Video Not Playing on iPads

We are having some issues with video playback with Storyline 2 on iPad. After some exhaustive testing I have determined video will not play on an iPad unless the output is set to "Use Articulate Mobile Player" AND "Allow downloading for offline viewing" are on.

When only HTML playback is selected it does not work.
When "Use Storyline App" is selected but "download for offline" is not, it does not work.
PC playback has no issues.
Android is untested at the moment.

When the video is not working you see the preview of the video but when clicked/touched the video dissappears and nothing plays.


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Emily Ruby

Hi Matt,

I could also get both versions to work. You do have to click on the video to start it, but both HTML5 and the App version are working on an iPad mini using 8.1.2. I checked the .story file, and the box for offline downloading was not checked. I updated this and it is allowing for it now on iPad app. You can test this here.

Matt M

We actually don't want offline viewing enabled. The issue I am still having is when I view the presentation on our iPad here (8.1.3) the video simply does not play unless the story is downloaded to the device, which we don't want.

Could it be an issue with our iPad? As the you are seeing the videos on your mini without issue?

Emily Ruby

Hi Mark,

I was able to view the videos with both offline viewing enabled and not enabled. You do have to click on the video to get it to start, and using the App, it will be saved into the library before it is viewed. You may want to check that your device meets the requirements. Have you tested any other devices?

Matt M

We have 2 iPads (which are basically the same) 4th Gen on 8.1.3. I Just tried one of the articulate demos (Accident Investigation Demo) and the videos wont play for me on there either which may mean it's our devices, although I'm not sure what would be wrong with them. I will try to find an alternate iPad to test.

Matt M

We don't use articulate day-to-day, we have done a few projects with it in the past without any video issues (same iPad, but also do not work anymore) but we recently started a new project where I noticed this issue. The only things I can think that are different are:

  1. we now use storyline 2 instead of 1
  2. I believe the iPad's have had software updates since the last articulate project

I'll be able to test on a personal iPad Air tonight at home, I'll see if that makes a difference.