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Hi there.  We are having an issue with hyperlinks in one of our courses where the active clickable area and highlight for the hyperlink are appearing in a different location than the text that we have placed the hyperlink on.  I have tried everything I can think of from changing the font, font size, clearing all text formatting, recreating the text box and/or slide.  Nothing seems to affect it.  It doesn't happen on all text boxes with hyperlinks either.  The course is also a Thai translation of an English course.  We have been translating this course into 16 languages from English and so far out of 8 languages we have gotten back form our translators this is the only one that has seen this issue.

I have uploaded a sample story project that has one of the slides where the issue occurs.  There are two links on the slide.  The first one misbehaves, the second one works correctly.

Has anyone seen anything like this or have any suggestions?  For now I have suggested using hotspots instead, but that doesn't have the same mouse over highlight that hyperlinks do  So that change might open up some styling and consistency issues.

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Adrian Dean

Hi Ian,

Sorry to hear about your issue. Taking a look at your attached .story file, the reason why the hyperlink behaves the way it does is do to the broken text if you will. 

If you extend the top text box some so that the hyperlink is on the same line, the issue goes away.

Always Happy to Help,