Hyperlink not working

Feb 15, 2017


I am trying to link our New Hire Orientation documents within a course.  On the slide I have the name of the document and I hyperlink it to a location all employees have access too and I have also added these same documents to the Resources tab on the Player.  When publishing the course, the hyperlinks within the slide become invalid meanwhile I can still open all the same documents within the Resource tab.  Any ideas why it would work in the Resources tab but not the slide when they are linked to the same location?

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Wendy Farmer

The ones in the resource tab will work because Storyline packages up a copy of the files during publish.

When you publish, Storyline will bundle a copy of the file along with your course content. (It'll be located in the story_content external files folder of your published output.)

Do you have an IT guy that might be able to help you with what's happening accessing the share drive?

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