Hyperlink within a text box not working

Jan 22, 2013

I have a hyperlink within a text box that is not working.  The link is to a policy on our in-house document management system.

I put the same link in the Resources tab for the presentation, and in that location it works fine.

It only seems to not work, when a learner clicks on the link in the text box.

Any ideas?  Thanks!


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Julie:

Pretty sure this is a bug that will be addressed. It happened to me when I had multiple links within a single text box, but it looks like maybe you just have one link and I'm guessing it's got an animation on it.

Here's what another use has to say:

"If you are using animation "By First Level Paragraph" hyperlinks won't work when published - this a bug.  You can make the linked text look like a hyperlink and insert a hot spot that triggers the URL on top of it - not elegant but it works."

Maybe try taking the animation off and see if it works, or try the suggestion above. Let us know how it turns out. --Daniel Brigham

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