Hyperlinks are not showing on preview or published storeyline

Jul 25, 2014

H there! Currently I am using the trial version of Storeyline and I am loving it. I created a Storyline slide with hyperlinks. Everything looks fine except the links are not working either in preview window or published window. When I am clicking the link on preview window, it is showing an error message 'The link is not active while previewing' . I thought it might show up once I publish it. On the published screen, nothing happens when I click on the link either. The link is working well when I click on the trigger wizard's green check URL/File button. I don't know what I am doing wrong. If anybody can help to solve this problem, I would appreciate. Thanks for your help.

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Padma Jayasankar

Thank you so much for your response Sid. I am trying to upload the file to tempshare.articulate.com but nothing is happening. When I upload other projects where I don't have any hyperlinks, I could upload that and could see but projects with hyperlinks, I am not able to upload it. Mine are very simple projects with simple hyperlink.

Also when I am saving my project with links as 'hyperlinks', the folder is showing the name as 'hyperlinks output'. I don't understand why. I tried another project with hyperlinks and saved it as 'Adding Hyperlinks'. But again in the folder, it saved the file as 'Adding Hyperlinks output'. It's puzzling me. I have no idea why it's happening. I don't know where I am doing wrong. I need help. Heaps of thanks.

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