I can't edit overlapping motion paths - help!

Oct 15, 2015

Is there a way to choose which motion path you're editing? I have a shape that I am moving to one spot for a period of time and then moving it back to where it started, so I have two motion paths that overlap in opposite directions. After I added them and put in all my triggers, I realized that I needed to speed up the motion paths but I can only edit one of them. Is there some way to specify which motion path I'm editing???

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Stephen Brodeur

Thank you for the solution and for mapping it out for me. That would work except I would need to make sure the shape on the second layer aligns perfectly with the end position of the one on the first layer and if I needed to move it, that would duplicate the effort.

I ended up changing how I did the motion paths. Instead of duplicating the motion path and reversing direction, I made a new motion path going the opposite direction and gave it a relative start point. But I am going to suggest a feature. It would be really helpful to be able to select specific motion paths and also to see which one is which, especially if you have one with several motion paths, instead of trying to keep track of which order you created them in.

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