I got problem when I upload course on LMS

Dec 19, 2016

After publishing the course in SCORM 1.2, it shows extra scroll bars on other LMS(PFA screenshot for your reference). We have tested it on SCORM cloud and Sutotal LMS. Please test the same and let us know what needs to change in publish settings to remove extra scroll.

 The course does not load in IE11 browser. It seems the issue is with “console.log” command still uncommented in javascript files. Can you please check that this command is commented in javascript files so that published version will work on IE11.

Can any one help me on it. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Nilesh!  Thanks for posting your discussion.  It looks like you have a few scroll bars in your Rise course that don't belong there.  We released a fix for that on November 23, 2016.  If you're able, please go back into your Rise course, re-export for LMS, and test it out again. 

Can you also test out your course on IE 11 after updating?  I want to be sure that if there's an issue with courses loading on IE 11 that it is occurring on the most recent update.  Thank you for bringing these issues up!

Crystal Horn

Hi Nilesh.  Thanks for troubleshooting this issue with me.  I'm sorry that you're still having issues with viewing the course on IE 11!  I'm not able to replicate on my end with a course that I've just exported for LMS and hosted on SCORM Cloud.  

Are you able to share your .zip here for us to do some testing?  If you need to keep your content private, you're welcome to upload your file in a case with our support engineers who can also have a look.

Deepak Mohanty

Hi Nilesh,

Not sure if it's merely a tool issue or LMS. However, take a look at SumTotal Content Player Settings before pushing the uploaded file to "Move to Production". Until and unless we see the source file or package, it's difficult to give a solution. 

Nevertheless, Articulate Staff for sure can give a better answer.

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