I'm "Trigger/Condition Challenged" Today ...

Good afternoon everyone,

Story file attached.

On Status Screen (screen 1.1) there is icon with two states defined:

  1. Dim = "red"
  2. Normal = "green"

The state of this icon is set by the True/False variable "completed01".

completed01 (false by default) needs to be adjusted to True when 3 conditions in Procedure 1 (screen 2.1) are true:

  • The checkbox is checked


  • Text entry field "verified01" is not blank - ignore case


  • Text entry field "date01" is not blank - ignore case

I'm trying to get completed01 to update immediately and independently of the order the above is completed ... so when the user returns to Status Screen the icon state is updated properly.

Seems simple enough! But not working as desired with the triggers I've set up?? 

Thanks for any advice/feedback.


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Ken Resner

Good morning Mike

THANK YOU  thank you thank you ... works perfectly for my purposes. The solution was TOTALLY NOT intuitive to me, will file this one for future reference and use.

Thanks to you also Wendy with another possibility.

 ... returning to a "Happy State" now ;-)