I need a refresher on how to open a zipped Storyline 3 project

Sep 30, 2019

Hey Heroes!

I've searched through available conversations and help files on Articulate.com but have come up empty. I last used Storyline 2 a few years ago. Since then, I've been creating the courses, lesson storyboards, quizzes, etc. Now, our programmer is on a three week vaca and I need to edit some courses to get them prepped for public release.

I have the project in zipped form but cannot for the life 0f me remember how to open a zipped project!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Richard Maloney

Return of a publishing issue:

Our programmer uploaded the Storyline 3 source file (filename.story) to our SharePoint site before she left us. I have downloaded and updated the files as needed. Now I'm having a problem with publishing the edited version and uploading to the SharePoint folder.

My published output is different than hers - I am missing the "analytics_frame.html" file in my published project. (Please see attachments for copies of my and her published results.)

Also, please remind me: if I don't have the Storyline source file in my published results, do I need that or do I upload the edited filename.story file to SEVPAMS?

Katie Riggio

Hi Richard!

I just replied in this discussion, so I'm stopping by to connect the dots for anyone else following the conversation. 😊

By the way, I'm not familiar with SEVPAMS, but a quick search tells me that it's a system used to store content. If that's right, you can:

  • Copy the source .story file there for storage and sharing.
  • If you need to edit or republish the .story file, copy it back to your local hard drive.

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